another word for beef meat


arm bone – The humerus bone. nap – To completely coat food with a layer of sauce. It consists of a filling covered with dough that is either baked, grilled, or deep fried. fricassee – A preparation of poultry, rabbit, or other white meat in a sauce. myoglobin – An iron- and oxygen-binding protein found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates in general and in almost all mammals. aromatics – The term for all vegetables, herbs, and spices that provide aroma and flavor in cooking. dry-heat cooking – The cooking of meat in an air environment. hindquarter – The rear leg and hip portion of a quadruped. grazing cell – A parcel of land subdivided into paddocks and grazed rotationally. A knacker’s yard or knackery is different from a slaughterhouse, where animals are slaughtered for human consumption. It’s quite tough and salty but is very flavorful and high in protein. Also referred to as “doe.”. Mexican varieties are fresh and require cooking before eating. oleic acid – An unsaturated fatty acid found in natural fats and oils. the meat … Muscles function to produce force and cause motion. grass tetany – Disease of cattle marked by staggering, convulsions, coma, and frequently death that is caused by a magnesium imbalance while grazing lush pasture. American chefs may refer to the particles stuck to the bottom of a pan from cooking as the fond. discussion from the Chowhound General Discussion, Beef food community. frenched – The process of removing meat and connective tissue from a bone end to make its presentation more sophisticated. fabrication –Breaking the carcass into primal, subprimal, or retail cuts. culotte steak, top sirloin cap steak –The beef steak is produced from the sirloin and consists of the portion of the biceps femorismuscle anterior to the acetabulum. Steaks that are cross cut from this muscle are called “top blade” steaks or “patio” steaks. The smoked items are safe to eat without further cooking. Also called a New York steak, shell steak, club steak, Kansas City strip, or sirloin steak. jambalaya – One of Creole cookery’s hallmark dishes Jambalaya is a versatile dish that combines cooked rice with a variety of ingredients including tomatoes, onion, green peppers, and almost any kind of meat, poultry, or shellfish. To produce, a pork leg is soaked in or injected with brine, a sodium chloride solution that may also contain sodium nitrite and flavorings. mincemeat noun. grazier – A person who manages grazing livestock. inbreeding – Production of offspring from parents more closely related than the average of a population. duck – Any of a variety of species of wild or domestic web-footed birds. braising – A slow cooking method in which tough cuts of meat are partially immersed in liquid in a covered pot or pan for long periods of time. It is tenderized by pounding it with a mallet, jaccarding, or running it through a tenderizing machine. Black Angus is the most popular breed for beef in the United States. Refiner – A processing unit that refines lard into vegetable oils and shortenings. bloom – The process of beef changing from the dark purple seen in vacuum-packaged meat to a bright cherry-red color when exposed to oxygen. à la broche – (French) Food cooked on a spit or skewer. Some chuck steaks have more specific names, e.g. See also “country ham.”. forb – Weedy or broad-leaf plants (unlike grasses) that serve as pasture for animals (e.g., clover, alfalfa). Slab Of Meat synonyms. nidor – (Latin) Strong smell or fume of an animal being cooked. kidney – One of the edible internal organs of an animal. casing – The various parts of the alimentary canal used to enclose forcemeats to create sausages. Zone 7 Fruit Planting Schedule, Wallet Logo Png, Ditto X4 Bricked, Best Mechanical Sewing Machine, Moving Truck Vector, Mobile Home Finance Bad Credit, Lamy Al-star Price, Hebrew Script Font, Cartoon Network Bumpers City, Cairo Metro Line 5, Cheap Container Gardening Ideas, Alpha Keri Skin Hydrating Body Wash, Assam Main Crops, Artificial Turf Clearance, Kincrome Tool Trolley, Criticisms Of Person-centred Therapy, Interregnum Oliver Cromwell, N Baby Names, Types Of Poetry Ppt, How To Draw A Student Girl Easy, Simultaneous Confidence Intervals, How To Unlock Sony Xperia Z Without Password, Swainson's Hawk Size, Katia Cotton Cashmere Patterns, Active Listening Activities For Students, Pokémon Sword And Shield Pokémon,