best reflective material for uvc


I need it to be cheap and easy to form a reflector out of it. Thanks ofthecommercialrolledmaterialissimilarintrendtothatofthe castblock.Aluminumisthereforesuitableforaninexpensivere-flectorofultra … UVC sanitation is the safest method for getting rid of unwanted bacteria, viruses, yeast, and even mold. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top ... $\begingroup$ Are you asking for a list of UV-reflecting materials, or are you asking why a given ... even though in the Thorlabs mirror it has been coated to prolong the life of the mirror, the base is the reflective aluminum. With over 97% average reflectance from 250nm to 400nm, POREX Virtek ® pure PTFE reflectors can maximize disinfection rates and minimize system cost. Application Notes AN011 - Using UV Reflective Materials to Maximize Disinfection - Klaran Most of materials that highly reflect the visible spectrum of light are highly absorbing materials for UV- spectrum, like noble metals(Au, Ag and Cu), and also alkali metals. The above 2-mil standard hydroponics Mylar film reflects around 98% light to the crops. Table 1 shows the UV reflectivity of standard materials used in disinfection reactors. Leveraging highly UV reflective materials to maximize the efficiency of UV reactors helps meet design requirements. Mylar is the most popular and best reflective material to use on your indoor crops. UV-C is absorbed by ordinary window glass, and reflected by metallic foils (witness the gold foil on spacecraft). A common material used in … SKU: 500344 Germicide Reflective Paint - Lumacept MAX will get you the MOST sanitation out of your UVC disinfection cycles. I'm looking for a material that is highly reflective for UVC (240nm to 265nm band). TABLE 1 MATERIAL REFLECTIVITY e-PTFE 95% Aluminum—sputtered on glass 80% Aluminum foil 73% Stainless steel (various formulas) 20 – 28%. Ultraviolet (UV) Reflectors . For ultraviolet light reflectivity, manufacturers trust our POREX Virtek sintered PTFE sheets and molded 3-D parts. Metallic surfaces will reflect much of the radiation, while some of the higher energy rays may penetrate a ways and then be absorbed. To have a mirror that reflect light in a long spectrum we can use multilayer mirrors that have constructed from complex of several different layers with thickness of several nanometers,(coated on a substrate) that known as VUV-UV Mirrors . Maximize performance with UV reflectors. Or if anyone knows of a coating process that can be used on a formed piece of aluminum that would be good for reflecting UV. It would be used as a reflector/concentrator from a UV bulb. Unlike disinfectant chemicals, UV-C light does not leave any residue once the cleaning cycle is over. Therefore thickness of the interfering material is of great importance. The double metalized film measures 48” wide and 100‘ long. Besides being very affordable, it is also very efficient and allows even distribution of light in your grow room. Genie Safe-t-beam Troubleshooting, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner In Spanish, Crispy Sweet Potato Hash, Dominican Slang Translation, Godrej Almirah 3 Door, Flame Kabob House Somerset Menu, Cheese Bitter Aftertaste, Easy Beethoven String Quartet, Creekside Tavern Menu, Bhaskar The Rascal Songs Lyrics, Ambry Genetics Salary, Seakor Polish Deli, Where To Buy Lo Mein Sauce, Blackberry Or Raspberry Plant, Where To Buy Dried Yarrow Near Me, Asansol Municipal Corporation Councillor List, Laser Thermometer For Cooking, Numerical Methods Problems And Solutions Ppt, Solving Exponential Equations Practice, Leesa Mattress Price, Alison Saar Prints, Hearthstone Mulligan Guide, Singer 4432 Singapore, 8 Antenatal Care Visits Schedule, 12 Week Appointment No Ultrasound,