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I must say, I have been sleeping in pain for 10 years until a friend suggested the Liberty bed from Amerisleep. . As the mattresses get progressively softer, they get more expensive and have a higher profile with more foam comfort layers in the mattresses overall. Amerisleep offers 5 different mattress firmness options in all-foam options, and 3 popular firmness varieties also in a pocketed coil hybrid build. I like that Amerisleep looks at how people sleep and makes their mattresses accordingly. It’s also worth doing a search for, People who need to move freely while they sleep with minimal bounce, People who sleep hot and need a mattress that ensures they don’t overheat while resting, People who have joint or muscle pain and need to ensure that their pressure points are soothed while they sleep, People who are light sleepers and have a partner who moves around a lot in their sleep, because they require firm support as well as comfort, People who need a 100% firm mattress with minimal give on the comfort side, People who like a bounce in their mattress so that they can feel when they move around and find it easier to get out of bed, People who want a mattress that sinks when they lie on it and offers less in terms of support, People who don’t want their temperature controlled during sleep and would rather rely on their own natural body heat to regulate themselves, This mattress has the perfect combination of firm support and luxurious comfort. So customer service was good. I sleep so soundly and wake up with no pain. Unpacking these types of mattresses is easy. This is best purchase I ever made. Mattress & furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. We chose the softest one in the Amerisleep line worried that it would be too soft but actually it's not even as soft as we hoped it would be but still better than what we had, kind of wish there was an A6. And the FDA-determined Celliant cover promotes increased comfort and more restful sleep. My experience with the ordering process (online) with Amerisleep was excellent and delivery was prompt, as scheduled (about a week or so). ©2020 – All Rights Reserved. that curbside shipping is absolutely free as long as you live in the contiguous US. This is great because when you invest in a mattress, you don’t want to have to consider replacing it after just a few years. As many others have stated, I was also worried about ordering a mattress online without being able to try it out. This mattress offers all the support you need, whether you sleep in one position all night long or toss and turn as you dream. Very happy with this bed, would buy it again. Overall, I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking to upgrade to a memory foam bed :). It's actually very cool and firm. As the mattresses get progressively softer, they get more expensive and have a higher profile with more foam comfort layers in the mattresses overall. Not soft at all. Love our new king bed. Bed is soft. Click and chat in real-time—it’s that easy. The sheets were expensive and very disappointing--they feel like some kind of plastic or mylar. This is the second Amerisleep mattress we have. This was also a great company to order from on-line. I love this mattress , I always fall asleep so fast. After 3 days of sleeping on this mattress, his back aches stopped. As mentioned in a previous post, all the reviews here are likely fake. Stomach sleepers have reported needing the medium firm AS2 or firm AS1 because the softer mattresses are too soft. The memory foam isn't quite as soft as my old waterbed, but still very comfortable. When the bed adjust to full height (head) it doesn't lift the entire frame away, it pulls up. OMG how could this be a product giving me more than I wanted, and the SERVICE ( honest fact) I received by Shonn more than placed this entire objective over the top. Of course, the weight you put on the mattress, especially along the edges of the bed, can make a difference. There are dedicated Amerisleep retail stores situated in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas. It's the perfect combination of firmness and soft that I couldn't even ask for more of either. This layer is designed such that you won’t need to replace your mattress for decades. It depends on who you ask. We use a 3" mattress topper, too, because we had bought it in the hope of extending the life of our inner-spring mattress. My bed linens (RH) fit perfectly on this mattress. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. We have a queen mattress in our master suite. Here's the best part - SERVICE. I am very happy with it. The top cover layer of this mattress is made from breathable material designed to keep you cool during the night—and the BioPur layer below it aids in this process. I no longer wake up with pain in my hips and legs and it's amazing. And if you’re not the type of person who wants to talk on the phone, that’s okay too. I got strung along and lied to for a full month. Love it! Zero. We own three. Amerisleep … Alternatively, if you live in the US, you can call them at 1-800-500-4233. That's when we stumbled upon Amerisleep. Best mattress I've ever slept on! Get performance ratings and pricing on the Amerisleep AS3 mattress. Shonn was my customer service rep the time, the ease , the education, the follow up and through was beyond anything I expected. Bonus points for those that are eco-conscious and looking for more natural foam materials and crave the feel of higher end body cradling. If you look at any Amerisleep AS3 review via consumer reports, you’ll find that Amerisleep is always easy to deal with, and its representatives are happy to help in any way they can. 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