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!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^https:/.test(d.location)? List of France cities with distance in kilometers. Affiche la distance entre France et le pôle Nord, l'équateur, le pôle Sud et n'importe quel endroit de la planète. Calculate distances for France in miles and kilometers from one town in France to another. The distance calculator app helps you find the mileage between cities and compare distances by road or air. Distance Calculator. Do you Need A Nice Hotel. Visit city distance page to calculate distance to all cities. Calculateur de distance kilométrique entre deux villes dans le monde et visualisation de la route sur une carte. Take driving directions for your route. Tweet Simply enter any desired location into the search function and you will get the shortest distance (air line) between the points, the route (route planner) as … Showing cities that we have with region names and population data - not all place names have been aligned to regions, and we don't have population data for all places. We'd love it if you shared our page to your Twitter or Facebook. Calculate your travel distance between cities quickly and easily using this tool. With the distance calculator distance.to you can easily determine distances between world-wide locations. Click on a heading to expand the answers to commonly asked questions. Click on the "Calculate the distance" button. Fuel cost will always depend on the route taken, the cost of your fuel and your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Use the local village if you need travel distances to a particular address. The GPS coordinates of Calculate another distance? Important InformationAuto closes in 00:25 click anywhere to close immediately and update the locations manually, or scroll down to continue. This flight distance finder would calculate air distance for all types of routes. Sign up to our mailing list for great travel deal and insights for France. You can calculate the cost of a journey using this Fuel Calculator to learn more... We have 23 regions listed for France. Welcome to our France distance calculators. We value your privacy and you can opt out at anytime, we also promise that we'll never spam you or sell your email address either. Your views are important to us and help us improve things. We are updating data weekly, so if you spot any errors or omissions then please let us know supplying source details and evidence. To find the flight distance between two places, please insert the locations in the control of flight distance calculator and Calculate Flight Distance to get the required results while travelling by air. The distance between France and the nearest country Andorra is 417 km. We use Google maps to calculate many of our routes. Review the content below for drive times between two places. [Note: The distance between cities in France distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in France calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. We'd love your inputs or your enquiries in helping you and others around the world have great travel experiences. How far is France from the North Pole? Please report any errors or omissions and we will update the data to reflect. Check out our hotels and car hire links for great deals on places to stay. Equator: 3,179.29 mi (5,116.57 km) How far is France from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? How far is it? ... We have all 36000 places in France in the driving distance calculations so almost all villages and towns are included. * We work hard to provide accurate results. Just so you know, sometimes the locations don't exist or the connection speeds are poor so options don't entirely load. If you know of any that are not listed then do please email us! According to our data the top 10 populated places in France are: Paris, Ile-de-France - Lyon, Rhone-Alpes - Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees - Nice, Alpes-Maritimes - Nantes, Pays De La Loire - Strasbourg, Alsace - Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon - Bordeaux, Aquitaine - Rennes, Bretagne - Reims Champagne-Ardenne. As France eases its lockdown due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, restrictions have been put in … Use these to calculate driving distances and routes between two points from or to France, calculate fuel costs, flight times and distances from airport to airport, distances in a straight line, cycle trip distances, travel and public transport distance and journey times between two points and more. Your views are important to us all and help us improve things. Calcul de trajets en France et à l'étranger, distances aériennes (kilométrique, miles), rayon km, information touristique. Thanks, we got your rating of 4 stars! Google Chrome Browsers will display the dialog below and will also be sited to the top left of the browser. Planificateur de voyage gratuit. .Microsoft Internet explorer will display the dialog below which will be placed at the bottom of your browser window Users who choose to deny access or who are concered around privacy can learn more here or read our privacy policy hereDismiss This Message X. Thanks, we got your rating of 5 stars wow!!! Use the local village if you need travel distances to a … It sits at latitude:48.8667, longitude:2.3333. First zoom in, or enter the address of your starting point. Click here to search for towns that are of interest or that you have questions about. You can get the distance between cities, airports, states, countries, or zip codes to figure out the best route to travel to your destination. Distance between cities or 2 locations are measured in both kilometers, miles and nautical miles at the same time.. Air distance is the bird fly distance between two locations which is calculated with the great circle formula.. nmi: is the symbol of nautical miles in distance calculation. Hello, the page you are viewing appears to be absent of either or both of its country part elements, Copyright Distantias.com 2020 Social Distances and Mapping - Calculating the. Welcome to our France distance calculator - Calculate road distances between towns, calculate the petrol or diesel cost, get flying distances and flight times from France to other locations and distance as the crow might fly using the euclidean formula. Do you Need A Nice Hotel, Thanks, we got your rating of 3 stars - Your views are important to us and help us improve things. Amazing! Check out our towns within a radius of France tool page. The results returned will detail straight distance and drive distances in mi and km. France is 46° 13´ 39.4968'' N and 2° 12´ 49.4964'' E. Some of the leading cities of France are Paris, Marseille, Lyon. Find out more about France. Alpes-Maritimes | Alsace | Aquitaine | Auvergne | Basse-Normandie | Bourgogne | Bretagne | Centre | Champagne-Ardenne | Corse | Franche-Comte | Haute-Normandie | Ile-de-France | Languedoc-Roussillon | Limousin | Loire Atlanique | Lorraine | Midi-Pyrenees | Nord-Pas-de-Calais | Pays de la Loire | Picardie | Poitou-Charentes | Rhone-Alpes |, Thanks, that's a low rating! Distance from France Paris to La Seyne-sur-Mer Alpes-Maritimes: 430.06 mi - 692.11 km : SE: Distance from France Paris to Toulon Alpes-Maritimes: 429.79 mi - 691.68 km : SE: Distance from France Paris to Saint-Étienne Aquitaine: 427.37 mi - 687.78 km : SW: Distance from France Paris to Perpignan Languedoc-Roussillon: 427.15 mi - 687.43 km : SE Use the form here to do your distance calculations. Just so you know, sometimes the locations don't exist or the connection speeds are poor so options don't entirely load or are slow. Distance from France to major cities are listed below, or … Start typing a place name - when you have typed at least 4 letters a list of suggestions will be shown. Then draw a route by clicking on the starting point, followed by all the subsequent points you want to measure. Distance calculator helps you to find how many miles from a city to an another city on map.. ViaMichelin offers route and distance calculations between towns, addresses and points of interest for 4 possible modes of transport: car / motorcycle / bike / pedestrian.. For car and motorcycle routes you can choose from the following variants: Michelin recommended: this route option focuses on safety, simplicity and minimising any risk of route errors. 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