electric guitar nut width


I’d love that on a 6 string! Although I can’t express a reason other than “feel,” I don’t like going from a wide neck electric to a steel string acoustic that is less wide. It’s 1.75 inch nut like many of the Eastman electrics and acoustics. (PCGC). Going back to Gibson, here’s another comparison: the maligned 2015 Les Paul had a width at nut of  1.795″, whereas “normal” Les Paul Standard has a width at nut of 1.695″. Search “NeckNotes for Classical” on Amazon. But the neck was just too darn wide. AwesomeOne theme by Flythemes, All You Need To Know About… Wide Neck Guitars. NOTICE: Please turn on Javascript in your browser to enable Checkout and other features of this website. I started off when I was 10 with a classical guitar. Having now owned and played many guitars, the most comfortable neck for me is what I’ve seen referred to as a “Soft-V” neck, which is deeper/thicker than the “shallow C” neck that electric guitars often have, but it’s not any wider. Their not a high quality guitar or anything but cheap enough to work with, worth what they cost anyway. Either way, it’s an electric guitar, so play it – and whatever we’re handed, we can usually knock a tune out of it pretty well. Now there’s a wide fretboard! That’s What I’ve HATED, LOATHED & Having fitted a ‘ big Lou ‘ 1,75” neck to a Fender Squier and found it a huge improvement I’d recommend this concept. This applied to Strats, Jazzmasters and Jags only and was similar to the option for custom colors. I once had the chance to play a Del Vecchio Dinamico (now THERE’S a rare guitar, Mike……….jus’ sayin’) and went wild for the 2″ nut width. It also may remind you of how an acoustic guitar neck would feel. Feel too cramped on smaller nuts. Would try something bigger than 1&11/16 tho for sure. Greetings, I assume that you are refering to which specific guitar brand. Just adding more space at the neck sides instead. Fender width generally inadequate, Gibson width better. Wide neck guitars are needed. Recommend: Framus FG-14SVCE VNT Legacy Series (Grand Auditorium) Made by real bone,string Spacing: 34.5mm (1-23/64") Please bear in mind that when we say “wide neck” we don’t refer to the thickness of the neck, which is something else altogether – as most players will be aware, different guitars my have different neck profiles, with different shapes and different thickness (which is a subject that’s itself worth a separate blog!). I ordered a bespoke neck for my Fender Telecaster. Thanks Mike. Are you sure you wish to clear All items from your cart? Yes! Click on the link above for special information and pricing for this unique offering. So while I don’t mind guitars made for those who like wide necks, I’m glad Eastwood will also offer them with standard necks…. And, 1 ¾ inches another normal width that is preferred by some fingerstyle players. This is the most popular Nut Width … It’s in fact quite remarkable that for so many years, the industry has not focused on this problem, but now guitars with wide necks are not such a rarity anymore. MODELS ! Not that it didn’t sound good. I bought a wide neck because I could make every chord. Also MUCH prefer 12″ radius to 9.5 or rounder. MY LIFE! For me that defeats the purpose of a wider neck for my larger hands. But I would definitely prefer buying a ready made Fender before doing a custom order having to wait for a large amount of weeks etc. However, we may be unable to answer the phones. A regular guitar may have a width at nut of 1 11/16″, while a wide neck would have a width at nut of 1 7/8″, for instance. That’s An ISSUE I’ve Had With MOST Guitars ALL Nylon String Guitars. All about rare & vintage guitars, guitar amps, fx pedals and more! Mark D Phillips……. When I moved onto electrics (aged 13) I found the narrower width a lot more comfortable and soon got used to finger accuracy on the strings. Glad to see Eastwood recognizing the market for wider neck guitars as I really like them. My question here would be, what’s a good entry level wide neck to start on? When I tried to learn electric it was painful and discouraging because of the narrow necks so I stopped trying altogether. Category Mark D Phillips……. Tommy said it was common for guitars from 65-74 to have this nut width. Like others, I think 1 3/4″ for an electric 6 string would be perfect. HALO ADMIN RESPONSE: The guitar was a one-off so it is not in stock and available for purchase, unfortunately. TIA. This would be the Grand Daddy of Nut Widths. Thank you for any replies. Sometimes I make acoustics with a 48mm (1 7/8th inches) neck fro twelve string guitars, but my solid electrics are made from 7 string guitars which have a 48mm nut width… that gives you 40mm from E to E and at the bridge from top E to bottom E is 62.5mm. Wide nuts are not just for heavier folks. Its like a classical in that it has only 12 frets to the body, which although not desirable, is less of an inconvenience than I thought it would be. Someone earlier queried if I should say I build guitars from scratch: I have never built guitars from raw timber and never claimed that I have; I ‘make’ guitars out of what parts I need, and sometimes it involves some carpentry but everything I do is described in detail in each listing when I sell my guitars… my guitars cost in the region of £200. Why do you persist in stating this? Also MUCH prefer 24.75 scale, rather than 25.5. Also, in my opinion going up to a 1.875″ width on that gorgeous Tuxedo model is too much and wouldn’t be conducive to electric playing, at least for me. ... Saws seldom match the precise width of the string, which can roll side to side in the slot. 48mm nut (almost 1.9″) I have big hands, but fairly long and slender fingers, so frankly, I prefer the “standard” neck. 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