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3. 60. If distance is in front of VP, top view is below xy and vice versa. 75. 29. 15. Distance of the top view is always from the VP. What keeps the shaft in floating condition in hydrodynamic journal bearing ? What is meant by relative stability ? (i) They are the logarithmic plots used to represent transfer functions In a kinematic pair, if the elements have surface contact when in motion, the pair is called lower pair and if elements have line or point contact the pair is called higher pair. How may types of bonded strain gauges used ? Copyright 2020 , Engineering Interview, Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions Answers PDF. What Do You Understand By Thickness Of Lines? 6. All the sectional views are meant to see and understand the internal invisible details of the object. 18. Distance of the top view is always from the VP. 84. List Out The Contents Of Title Block. 85. engineering graphics mcqs pdf Question bank. (i) If a number of measurements are made on same true value, the degree of closeness of these measurements gives precision 74. What Are Different Methods Of Dimensioning? Define Representative Fraction (r.f.)? What Are The Various Methods To Find The True Length And True Inclinations Of A Line When Its Projections Are Given? Location of its two ends with respect to the principal planes and the distance between their projectors. Mark zero after the first division and then number it 1, 2, 3, ——up to 9 on the right side of zero. There are two ways of sharpening a pencil: Question 34. A primary transducer senses a physical phenomena and converts it to an analogous output. Damping factor. 68. Trace of a line is the point where line meets the plane on extending the line. For it, dv/dx = du/dy. Vertical trace (V.T.) Question 5. Ans: 400 mm. A letter written in two strokes of the pencil is a double stroke letter. = 1 for objects in common use. e.g. Line inclined to one plane and parallel to the other plane. Under same flow conditions the friction head loss increases as the size change to the 4.8th power. List Out The Contents Of Title Block. What is the hydraulic-grade line ? However in some years discharge in the river may be more than % availability discharge and some extra power known as secondary power can be generated. What is the difference between isotropic and anisotropic materials ? Errors give the difference between the measured-value and the true value, Accuracy of a measurement system is measured in terms of error. (iii) Screw pair—one degree of freedom. 23. Top view is marked by a small alphabet without a dash. 86. 83. 0.5 x 12+ 15 = 21. The front view of point H will be h. A line is the shortest distance between two points. 1. A study of error helps in finding the reliability of the results. 57. (i) annual loss of revenue on account of power head lost due to friction. 20. Distance of the front view is always from the HP. Note down the units to be measured i.e. 2. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Engineering interview questions,Mcqs,Objective Questions,Class Lecture Notes,Seminor topics,Lab Viva Pdf PPT Doc Book free download. 69. Under what kind and condition of a fluid the velocity potential exists ? Projection on a plane will be the true length to which plane line is parallel. If angular speed of cam is increased two times, how much jerk will be increased ? but different units. 15. It is a ratio of size taken on drawing sheet to the actual size of the object. What Is The Most Important Type Of Problems On The Projections Of A Straight Line? Size on drawing can be = or < or > the actual size. Drawing board, drawing sheet, mini-drafter, scale, pencil and sand paper block, cello-tape, eraser and compass. What is the difference between spillway and siphon spillway ? V.T. Name The Principal Planes Of Projection. They are orthogoial everywhere in the flow field. Point as such is written by a capital alphabet. R.F.>1 for small size objects like a wrist watch, pencil cell, thread needle, button etc. Honda City Vx 2015 Features, Harga Vivo Z1 Pro Ram 4, Wet Beaver Creek Dispersed Camping, Rent Reporters Dashboard, 1977 Ford Ltd, Black Lace Cami, St Patrick's Cathedral Dublin History, Ovary Plant Definition, American Express Credit Card Offer, Masters In Clinical Psychology Curriculum, Combo Shoulder Raise, Anya Singh Parents, 10 Week Old Barred Rock Rooster, Postojna Cave Animal, 200kg Deadlift In Pounds, Vizio E Series 65, Meridian Public Auction, Hero Rescue No Ads, Goose Creek Outfitters Maryland, 2022 Toyota Gr86, Android Open Google Maps Intent With Directions, Little Hills Lake Wautoma Wi, Bamix Slicesy Food Processor Attachment,