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This is not a mode of the Hexatonic Major scale! You can think of it as the Pentatonic Major Scale plus a flatted third Let us know using the comments form below. 3 Of course, the distance between the successive tones are fixed. Also, note that this scale has 6 notes, so the name “hexa” also makes sense! Gb major hexatonic scale: You can think of it as C Lydian b7 without the 5th degree. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, In addition to learning what the term hexatonic scale means, we’ll also be focusing on two variants of the scale. Receive news and offers from our other brands? D major hexatonic scale: The term hexatonic can be broken down into: So, the hexatonic scale is simply a six-tone scale. The Hexatonic Minor scale is a subset of both the Natural Minor scale and the Dorian Minor scale (AKA Dorian Mode), and can therefore be safely switched to whenever you are playing one of them (assuming you know how to use them.) The following two tabs change content below. This scale has six notes, it is basically the Major scale minus the 7th scale degree. Again, we just have to move up the neck slightly to accomodate this pattern... Notice how the root position for this pattern is the same as our first pattern. Six note scales seem to naturally run in 3 or 6 rhythms, 7 or 8 note scales seem to naturally run in 4 rhythms, which tends to be our default setting. First we need to be aware of how these hexatonic patterns are positioned on the neck in relation to the key we're playing in. F major hexatonic scale: Dickey and Duane spent a lot of time working their harmonies out to get it just right. In music and music theory, a hexatonic scale is a scale with six pitches or notes per octave. When we say a scale is Hexatonic, on guitar or any other instrument, we are simply saying the scale has six, and only six different notes. Online/Skype & SF Guitar Lessons: (415)845-5471, The Blues Scale is also both Hexatonic and Minor, All Articles and Artwork ©2005-2019 Jay Skyler, Major Scale Guitar Patterns: 5 CAGED Positions, Diatonic|Church|Major Scale Mode Guitar Patterns: 5 CAGED Positions, Dominant Scale Guitar Patterns: 5 CAGED Positions, Half Diminished Scale Guitar Patterns: 5 CAGED Positions. After all, all notes are 1 tone’s distance from each other. There's also the option of combining and interchanging between patterns in the same sequence. Detailed Examination of Hexatonic Scales Originating in the Natural Scale/Harmonic Series; The origin of triads and musica ficta filling in hexatonic gaps in the diatonic scale; Tritone Scale - Analysis To refresh: The pentatonic is made up of 5 notes in the following pattern: Root; 1 ½ tone interval; Whole tone; Whole tone; 1 ½ tone; Whole tone ; So in the case of E minor pentatonic it would be. The aim is to be able to move fluidly between different areas of the neck and make use of different patterns no matter where you are. They would also be hexatonic minor scales. is also minor and has six notes. This article discusses the construction and usages of the 4 most important hexatonic scales for Rock, Blues, and Metal Guitar: the Hexatonic Major scale, the Hexatonic Minor scale, the Major Blues scale, and most importantly the Blues Scale, which is both theoretically and historically the underpinnings of all the guitar styles which have kicked any amount of ass since the 20th century. Similar to the more commonly used major and minor pentatonic scales, which are five-tone scales, a hexatonic scale can be formed by adding one note to either of them. soloing ideas from major hexatonic scale patterns, Hear Eddie Van Halen get cosmic on a newly unearthed cover of Jimi Hendrix’s If 6 Was 9, Sick Riffs: Andy Gibbs teaches you the sludgy, chromatic wrecking ball of Thou's Ancestral Recall, Joe Biden’s Secretary of State nominee is a guitar-playing singer-songwriter who has jammed with Steely Dan’s Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Watch a pre-Ozzy Zakk Wylde shred Quiet Riot’s Metal Health with Sebastian Bach at a 1987 wedding, Gator’s new guitar closet hanging bags let you hang your axe next to your coat. Since also has six notes it is also, by definition hexatonic. Major hexatonic may also be thought of as the seven-tone major scale (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) minus the 7th. But any or all of the chords may be changed to other chord qualities (usually Major or Dominant 7th chords). Since it contains a flatted third and a Minor and Major pentatonic scale . Learn more. Db major hexatonic scale: BA1 1UA. This has the effect of prolonging our scale runs and also mixing up different tone combinations. The whole tone scale is a series of whole tones. But as we'll see, it's the repeating patterns they form on the neck that makes them so accessible and versatile for playing quick, sequential runs and forming new phrasing ideas. 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