how to use a sound level meter


Often referred to as the ‘traffic lights’, this feature helps you understand the state of your device. Insert the SD card into one of the slots at the bottom of Type 2250 or Type 2270. It provides a stable sound pressure at 1 kHz and has minimal susceptibility to environmental factors. For a discussion of the measurement of peak and impulse levels, and their danger, see DAMAGE-RISK CRITERIA. Detailed steps to getting started with your sound level meter are in the manual. Tap the menu button in the bottom-left corner. Here’s how to toggle between them. Release the button when you are done recording. When the sounds have very different energy distributions, or when there is a frequency dependence involved, such as with SOUND INSULATION or other noise control, then an analysis of the frequency distribution of the sound energy is required (see PERCEIVED NOISE LEVEL). This can be very helpful if something disturbs you in the middle of a measurement. A sound level meter will usually have fast and slow response modes indicating its sensitivity to rapid fluctuations and peak values of sound pressure. That is, the A network was to be used to measure low level sounds, the B for medium level and the C for high level. Since the A weighting network corresponds to the tendency of the ear to discriminate against low frequency sounds, it is often employed in decibel measurements of community noise. Green light – currently recording/measuring, Flashing yellow light – ready to measure, paused, and not currently recording/measuring, Red light – something is wrong, check the device. The following sound level meter settings are supported: The LAEQ logging module is intended for long-term monitoring and logging applications. Before, during* or after your recording, press and hold the top-right physical button on your sound level meter to begin a recording. We recommend Brüel & Kjær item number UL-1017, which is approved for use with Type 2250/2270. For some projects, you may need to use different frequency weightings. If the calibration deviates more than ±1.5 dB from the initial calibration (microphones only), then the calibration is stopped without changing the calibration of the sound level meter. Sound level meter 1. sound level meter or sound meter is laboratory instrument which is used to measure the sound pressure level. Be sure that you have installed Measurement Partner Suite (MPS) BZ-5503 on your PC and it is running before connecting any sound level meter or SD card. On your Type 2250 or Type 2270 you will have different measurement templates designed to help you make different kinds of measurements: Templates are customizable, and it is possible to change settings in a template and/or make copies. Such measurements are called sound level readings. Read the values from the ‘Total-exclude’ row to get levels for the measurement minus the exclude periods. If you have recently acquired a Type 2250 or Type 2270 sound level meter and need to get up and running quickly, we have made this article for you. Calibrating your Sound Level Meter For the Sound Level Meter and Frequency Analyzer templates do as follows: In the Logging and Enhanced Logging templates do as follows: More information on how to back-erase can be found in section 4.5.3 of your user manual. From here, you can select 2 broadband weightings (RMS) and one broadband peak weighting. Adjust the start and end times of the exclude marker to capture the entire disturbance. The last 5 seconds will be erased from measurement and the sound level meter will pause. You will have received Measurement Partner Suite with your sound level meter and will be kept up-to-date when a new version is ready for download. You need to calibrate your SLM before each use. The sound level meter emits these different lights depending on its state: After your measurement is finished you will want to upload your measurement data to your PC. Monitoring the measurement state of the sound level meter. Another typical use of sound level meters is the monitoring of concerts or events. To calibrate your sound level meter you can use Sound Calibrator Type 4231. A common use of a sound level meter would be to measure the sound coming from a factory or airport, ensuring that there is not an excessive amount of noise pollution. Voice notes and written notes can add valuable information to your measurements. Measuring sound pressure level can be important in many different applications. Get expert advice about sound level meters. For some projects, you may need to use 1/1- or 1/3-octave intervals. Copyright © Brüel & Kjær. Sound Level (dB) Maximum (A-weighting, Duration per Day SLOW response) (hours) or less Permissible noise exposures. Compare also: LEVEL RECORDER, SOUND ANALYSER, VU METER. Press ‘back-erase’ when the disturbance occurs. A sound level meter will usually have fast and slow response modes indicating its sensitivity to rapid fluctuations and peak values of sound pressure. Make a model of an ear and ear canal. Connect either the sound level meter via USB cable to your PC or use an SD card reader. Getting started with your new Sound Level Meter, Production testing for automotive components, Powerful single-channel class 1 sound level meter, 2-channel sound level meter for demanding measurement tasks, Get expert advice about sound level meters, How to Apply A or C filters / Frequency Weighting. Consider this a quick start guide, where we present essential features and tasks for you to start using your new sound level meter. 2-channel sound level meter for demanding measurement tasks, Removing disturbances during the measurement. 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