iron and steel plant in karnataka class 10


All its operations are based out in Bangalore. The first modern cotton textile industry in India was started in 1854 when a cotton mill was set up at Mumbai. Ballari district in Karnataka is the company’s preferred location for the plant because the region has abundant deposits of high-grade iron ore, a key steel-making ingredient, and is home to steel, sponge iron … (B) Hong Kong Identify these features with the help of the following information and write their correct names on the lines marked in the map. 32. In addition, there are 199 mini steel plants set up in different parts of the country. Cotton textile industry Question 12: Where does Rourkela Steel Plant get its raw material. Answer: Answer: Salem Steel Plant in Tamil Nadu and Kudremukh iron-ore project in Karnataka. 4. As such the cotton textile industry is concentrated here. Question 19: The foreign collaborator of the iron and steel plant at Durgapur. Answer: MCQ Questions for Class 10 Social Science with Answers was Prepared Based on Latest Exam Pattern. (d) Chanda near Nagpur in Maharashtra is a proposed project. Examples of conversion of raw materials into usable products are conversion of sugarcane into sugar, iron ore into steel, cotton into cloth, wood pulp into paper. Answer: It started production in 1919. State the importance of Electronics in Defence. Answer: Coal mining machines. Answer: Industrial products are: (i) Gurgaon—Maruti car (ii) Perambur—The Integral coach factory (iii) Chittaranjan—Chittaranjan locomotive works. Answer: Perambur. Where are the main manufacturing centres of Electronic Industry. An expansion programme is going on to raise the annual production to 10 million tonnes each year by 1995. (c) Near Goa a proposed project. 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The main market, Cal­cutta, is a mere 3 hours distance by railroad. Question 26. TISCO 2. (ii) This industry is not found in western India. The by – products of sugar industry are molasses and bagasse. cement, paper, textiles. The first iron and steel industry in India was set up in 1874 at Kulti in West Bengal. Question 3: Mention any two advantages of Mini Steel Plants. When and where was the first cement plant set up in India? Question 13: Mention any two advantages does the Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant have over the other Steel plants in the public sector? Most of the petrochemical units are in Maharashtra or Gujarat. Since they are located in industrial towns, the cost of transport is greatly reduced. Question 45. Knowledge – based industry is a rapidly developing industry in our country due to its young population and growing information technology. Question 2: Name the four centres of iron and Steel in the public sector which are located in a single geographical region. Which one of the following agencies, market steel for the public sector plants ? Answer: Some centres of Iron and Steel plants are at Jamshedpur, Bhadravati, Rourkela, Bokaro and at Neyveli in South. It is a private … What are the facilities enjoyed by the Rourkela Steel Plant? Which are the raw materials used in paper industry? Question 4. Question 3: Name the Steel projects in the public sector which were not set up with foreign collaboration. The production commenced in 1911. Question 14: A product of the heavy engineering industry. Answer: Most of the petrochemical units are in Maharashtra or Gujarat because: (i) This Industry is normally located near an oil refinery which can supply its basic requirements of Naphtha or Ethylene and Benzene. (ii) (a) Iron ore from Kiriburu mines in Orissa. Which of the following industries is in private sector? Answer: (i) Mini Steel plants use electric furnaces, thereby conserving coking coal and producing alloy Steel which meets the Steel requirements of far flung areas. Pune Answer. What are the uses of molasses and bagasse? 25. (C) Russia Answer: The Durgapur Steel Plant is located in Burdwan district of West Bengal (about 160 km. Answer: (D) Stock market (ii) Coal from Jharia, Talcher and Korba coal fields. Download Formulae Handbook For ICSE Class 9 and 10. 35. Answer: If all arrangements progress according to schedule, within 1995 this plant will be able to produce at least 4 million tonnes of steel ingot. 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