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If we want to use the native JUnit 5 support of the Maven Surefire Plugin, we must ensure that at least one test engine implementation is found from the classpath. Moreover, it will exclude all nested classes (including static member classes) by default. JUnit 5 Maven Dependency. Maven + JUnit 5. Announcement -> In these chapters you will see how you can segregate, combine, select the APIs and Engines miscellaneous way. An example build scan for JUnit 5 can be viewed here. Once you define any JUnit5 API in the dependencies, the provider surefire-junit-platform is selected and you can always add the JUnit4 dependency. For example, if you want to write tests with Jupiter, add the test artifact junit-jupiter-engine to the dependencies in POM: This will pull in all required dependencies. 1. There are 2 dependencies we need to specify in the pom.xml file in order to run JUnit 5 with Maven: JUnit 5 library dependency for annotations, assertions, etc. Also, we will learn how to configure the Maven Surefire plugin to run the tests. JUnit 5 utilizes Gradle Enterprise for Build Scans and the Remote Build Cache. Now we have the most basic setup for writing and running JUnit 5 tests with Maven. YouTube | Note, however, that you can override this default behavior by configuring explicit `include` and `exclude` rules in your `pom.xml` file. Update 1st of March 2019: Beginning from JUnit Jupiter 5.4.0 there is is now an aggregator artifact junit-jupiter that transitively pulls in dependencies on junit-jupiter-api, junit-jupiter-params, and junit-jupiter-enginefor simplified dependency management. Announcement -> To add the surefire unit test report into the site, add the following reporting section. You can set JUnit Platform configuration parameters to influence test discovery and execution by declaring the configurationParameters property and providing key-value pairs using the Java Properties file syntax (as shown below) or via the junit-platform.properties file. If you want to write and execute JUnit 3 or 4 tests via the JUnit Platform add the Vintage Engine to the dependencies, which transitively pulls in (and requires) junit:junit:4.12: For more information on using JUnit 5, that is the JUnit Platform, JUnit Jupiter, and JUnit Vintage, see the JUnit 5 web site and the JUnit 5 User Guide. Normally, the developer does not want to access internal classes of JUnit5 engine (e.g. To run JUnit 5 tests through maven, you will need a minimum of two dependencies. JUnit 5 is the result of JUnit Lambda and its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. You do not have to specify e.g. 1. This article shows you how to add JUnit 5 in a Maven project, nothing special, just add the JUnit 5 junit-jupiter-engine library and make sure the maven-surefire-plugin is at least version 2.22.0. First, to be able to write JUnit 5 tests we need the junit-jupiter artifact as a dependency in pom.xml: In addition, to be able to run JUnit 5 tests we have to add the Maven Surefire plugin: Now we have the most basic setup for writing and running JUnit 5 tests with Maven. That’s the only way we can improve. JUnit Jupiter Engine Dependency. In the next chapters you can find your way to use the Jupiter or JUnit5 API where the plugin would resolve the engine. You can find integration tests with JUnit4/5, with JUnit5/TestNG and with the JUnit4 Runner for Jupiter tests. Contact | Configuration prior to Maven Surefire 2.22.0 and JUnit Jupiter 5.4.0. In the following example the engine artifact appears in plugin dependencies and the engine is resolved by the plugin and downloaded from a remote repository for plugins. 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