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Mathematica User Guide University of Calgary Page 1 of 1 August 25, 2016. A neural network model is a structure that can be adjusted to produce a mapping from a given set of data to features of or relationships among the data. Technology-enabling science of the computational universe. This is simply a notebook with cell-types attached that will be post-processed into a full documentation notebook. To do that we'll want to start with building some paclets for our docs. mathematica: free download. In Mathematica documentation, "dialogs" with Mathematica are shown in the following way: With a notebook interface, you just type in 2+. If we want that we can simply run it with CloudDeploy->True and it will do so. I'm going to talk about how to make and distribute documentation in Mathematica, with specific emphasis on the automatic generation of documentation. This also rewards good package design as the better ones definition patterns are, the clearer the documentation built will be. Before jumping into the actual code, though, it's worth noting that WRI does provide a tool for building docs. So instead of "MyPaclet" we'll call it "Documentation_MyPaclet" to make it obvious where it comes from. Enable JavaScript to interact with content and submit forms on Wolfram websites. The main thing I needed to do was apply a thorough cleaning to the documentation pages I generated to make sure the finicky package that actually generates the HTML (called Transmogrify which is in turn called by a higher-level package called DocumentationBuild ) won't hang when it reaches a directive it doesn't know how to process. The Mathematica package file provided with Time Series is Timeg Series.m. Demandez a Mathematica de calculer cette expression par l’ordre : A[q ] :=Integrate[Exp[-I 2 Pi q x], {x, -a/2, a/2 }] (le sens du := et du q sera donn´e plus tard), puis taper Shift+Entre´e pour ex´ecuter cette commande. Sign in . Now that we know what kinds of things we need to include we can move to how to include them. I've built this into DocGen as a method. This creates a site where we can browse all of the exposed documentation, much like the paclet server we had before: Generated by We simply extract these and format them to build out the documentation page. A similar workflow is implemented for guides and tutorials, except with different sections and cell types. Pelican / To start, though, we'll break down the types of things that we find in the documentation and which we'll want to support in a package. You can also enter commands from within the Documentation Center. Mathematica (Versions: 10 & 11) Wolfram, Inc. - Features: • Mathematica is a technical computation application or Windows, Macintosh & Linux • Wolfram Alpha Pro: Computational knowledge engine. Mathematica Documentation Center Help Documentation Center from the main Mathematica menu bar. Download books for free. Software engine implementing the Wolfram Language. As a result, the book became solely part of the online Wolfram Mathematica Documentation Center, which also serves as the repository for full-text legacy versions of the book. Instead of going directly to the Documentation Center, I would recommend using the Function Navigator and Virtual Book to help you to find what you are looking for in the documentation. Curated computable knowledge powering Wolfram|Alpha. The default is input but you can change thiswhilethe horizontal lineis visible by selectingfrom theFormat/Style. This post is going to be long on design and relatively short on code. It consists of this documentation, one Mathematica package file, and data files. Alternately DocGen also support deploying built HTML automatically, which we can see in the "Methods" : The best way to do this is passing the directory with all the HTML: We can take this a step further though, and build a wrapper around this type of functionality to get it to upload. In general we simply take the Symbol and extract the usage patterns to fill out the usage table, the calling patterns to fill out the details, make a few sample Examples based on the calling patterns, and provide See Also links based on camel-case similarity in the first hump. The first place any documentation starts is as a documentation template. In all, that makes it much more likely that the documentation will actually get made. We can take this further, though, and do the same for an entire set of contexts to link a package or multiple packages together: This gives us a really powerful way to provide accessible documentation with a minimum of effort. Organized by functionality and usage. When we build our documentation paclets, we'll want to make them to have four properties: They are obviously documentation, not code, They do not interfere or interact with the package they document in anyway. This will be an entirely generic paclet server, but it will serve as a way to easily share documentation in small chunks, just like curated data. 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