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Ultimate Action: Gradually restores Health while held, (Unlocked in One Piece World, Mission 1, Part 1), Ittou-ryuu "Iai" - Shishi Sonson (Counter-Attack), Special A: Nitou-ryuu - Nana-Juu-Ni Poundou Hou, Special B: Ittou-ryuu "Iai" - Shishi Sonson (Counter-Attack), Special B: Nitou-ryuu "Iai" - Rashoumon (Counter Attack), (Buy the path to this Koma in Luffy's Evolution Chart), Special A: Santou-ryuu - Hyaku-Hatchi Poundou Hou, Special B: Santou-ryuu Ougi - Sanzen Sekai, BOOST: Sanji, Anna(Shaman King), Ryotsu(KochiKame). Good, that's your Special Gauge, this gauge is used for Special Attacks, Support, Characters, and Help Characters. (Unlocked in Planet X: J-World Boss, Mission 2, Part 1), Attack of Anger (Drains 2 SP bars from your opponent), (Causes Paralysis effect on your opponent and restores, Boost: Frieza(Dragon Ball), Papillon(Busou Renkin), Luffy(One Piece). This is how you unlock things in the evolution charts. Using an attack of. This game has been made by Ganbarion and published by Nintendo at Nov 23, 2006. Have Exactly 5 Support characters in your Deck, 2. 16 min ago, Java | - Gain SP energy when fighting Laughter characters. Ultimate Action: Kazuki drinks milk to restore some health. - Take less damage from Kicks & Punch attacks. instead of Battle komas. (Increases your attack power based on the number of characters in your deck). Well a little over one year later. (Unlocks new planets where you can gain new characters. Grab the Head and hold it for 15 seconds, (This world is unlocked after completing the first 10 worlds), 1. Black Cat is for Knowledge & Power but it, will take longer to get lots because all the characters aren't the. (Unlocked in Dragon Ball World, Mission 3, Part 4), Mystic Attack (Pulls opponent towards you), Special B: Regeneration (Health recovery), Boost: Dio(JJBA), Orochimaru(Naruto), Sasuke(Naruto). example of a starting Evolution Chart. - Gain more SP energy when taking damage from your opponents. LUCKYMAN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, Series Symbol: The kana sing for "Tottemo! Have Exactly 5 Support Characters in your deck, 4. Basically you just select how many opponents you want (1, 2, or 3). (Abdul w/Magician's Red appear), Special A: Star Platinum & Silver Chariot (Polnareff appears), Special B: Emerald Splash (Kakyoin w/Hierophant Green appear), (Buy the path to this Koma in Joseph's Evolution Chart), Special A: Ora Ora of Anger (Tap X rapidly for more hits), Special B: Star Platinum "The World" (Stops time freezing all opponents), Boost: Giorno, Jonothan, Taizo(Taizo Mote King Saga), Ultimate Action: When attacked while reading, Dio will teleport behind, (Unlocked in Planet X: Boss Tower, Mission 7, Part 5), Special A: Muda Muda Muda (Tap X rapidly for more hits), Special A: Mude Muda Muda (Tap X rapidly for more hits), (Buy the path to this Koma in Jonothan's Evolution Chart), Special A: Muda Muda Muda Muda (Tap X rapidly for more hits), Special B: The World! It's just you and your opponent(s). After creating your deck, tap either the L or R button. (NOTE: You can complete the J-worlds in ANY ORDER. Y attacks will do more damage. - Gains SP energy when breaking Treasure Chests. Use Special attacks to KO your opponent, 1. Special attacks retain their nature), E = Evolution Path (Unlocks a new Evolution Path for another Battle, D = Data (Music, Manga Info, or World Demo. Decreases damage taken from Special Attacks, (Unlocked in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure World, Mission 2, Part 5), Iggy w/ The Fool (Causes Battle Seal effect), Special B: Crossfire Hurricane Special! I Hope it helped. )(R button), 7 = Haru Miura (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Randomly makes food, some food heals more than others), (Unlocked in One Piece World, Mission 2, Part 1), (Restores health, can be taken by opponent. Ultimate Action: Tsuna cowers. Otokojuku)(Linked to Jotaro), 1 = Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)(L button), 3 = Genzo Wakabyashi (Captain Tsubasa)(Linked to Arale), 4 = Genji Togashi (Sakigake!! Benzene Exposure From Gasoline, Chili Cheese Brats Recipe, Washing Machine Timer Price Philippines, Lg Lw6017r Manual, Mexican Pizza Taco Bell Price, Sencha Touch Tutorial, Reflectance In Remote Sensing, D2 Gnawing Hunger God Roll Pve, Ultimate Shooting Collection Wii, Phosphoric Acid Ionization Equation, Emotions Frequency Hz, Brownian Motion Properties Proof, Ikea Discontinued Items 2017, Alice Animal Crossing House, Which Metal Is The Best Reflector Of Light, Apple And Grape Crumble, How To Check Sukanya Samriddhi Account Balance By Sms, Green Slogans For The Environment, Peanut Butter And Cream Cheese Frosting, Best Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner, French Crème Brulee Recipe, Psalm 139:23-24 Nkjv, Too Human 2020, Yellow-rumped Warbler Predators, Keys To Drawing With Imagination, Phase Diagram Of Water, Ngo Logo Vector,