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The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. On May 6th, Sojiro Sakura allows the protagonist to leave Yongen-Jaya at night. [14] The second round saw an initial battle for an ankle lock, but it quickly returned to the last position, with Royce straddling a turtled down Yoshida and scoring strikes in the search of a submission. Yoshida's first loss was to the PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva via unanimous decision at PRIDE Final Conflict 2003. 2009. During the match, Yoshida threw Frye down with ouchi gari and attempted again the sode guruma jime, but Frye escaped, so then Hidehiko executed an armbar, breaking Frye's arm when he refused to tap out. [10] Footage of the fight was revised, and it was found that while Royce did revive right after the bell, his visible arm and legs appeared to fall limp before the stoppage.[11][12]. I hope you remember to cherish that, too. In "The Worst," it is revealed that he wears shoes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Entertainment and has produced some of Japan's top fighters. ", "What kind of politician do you want to be? [9] The Brazilian fighter attempted an armbar from his back, but Hidehiko blocked it and looked for a gi choke, so Gracie switched to a heel hook. Masami Yoshida is a small white cloud with hollowed-out holes for her eyes and mouth and a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is looking to revitalize a corrupt region of Tokyo. He wears a black business suit and a red tie. [13] Secondly, Yoshida submitted former world karate champion Masaaki Satake by neck crank at Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye. He appears as a a high school first year student who attends the same school and same class as the female protagonist named Shizuku Mizutani. It was a short affair, with Yoshida taking the fight to the ground, gaining a kesa-gatame position and performing a neck crank to submit the UFC champion. Yoshida defeated Satoshi Ishii at Dynamite!! This time without their gis, Yoshida started the match throwing punches and taking Ogawa down, and then a long and aggressive exchange of reversions and ground and pound happened. [7] He also vowed to compete in a judogi in order to draw interest to judo as a martial art. After the terrorists begin their assault, Mr. Yoshida runs into a shop and while an operative guards him, the player chases after the gang leader. In a classic striker vs. grappler fashion, Yoshida attempted to throw Mirko to the mat, almost scoring a uchi mata off the corner in an instance, but the Croatian powered out of it and kept landing leg kicks. At the end, Ogawa looked to have dominant position, but Yoshida locked an armbar from the guard by surprise, making his judo rival submit. The protagonist can then listen to Yoshida's speeches at night in the Shibuya Station Square. Yoshida later appears when Mashiro and Takagi say they aren't going to lose to Niizuma or Hiramaru. Voices The Yoshida family refers toa family that lives in Elmore. Hair color On January 4, 2009 at World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku Rebellion 2009, Yoshida faced a fellow judoka and former Toshihiko Koga apprentice, Sanae Kikuta, who had defeated Yoshida's own trainee Makoto Takimoto in an earlier event. ". Masaki Yoshida (吉田 茉咲 , Yoshida Masaki?) Yoshida tries to talk to Hiramaru about Otters #11. While the player only killed some of the terrorists in the region, the terrorist organization probably fell apart when their gang leader was killed. Yoshida's confidant will always progress to the next rank with each interaction with the protagonist., The real-life Yoshida has edited or is editing, Yoshida has also made cameo appearances in other media, such as. Early Years. While Mr. Yoshida is a grey,humanoid cloud in appearance, Masami is a small,white cloud. I want you to use your experiences to forge your own conviction. Yoshida outboxed the much heavier British fighter and threatened him with several throw to armbar attempts, as well as some leglocks, but Thompson then featured a controversial moment for pushing Hidehiko between the ropes of the ring to the outside. Profession Since then, he has directed many successful projects that developed and marketed high-performance IC lithography tools and helped establish Nikon as the world leader in this technology. This article covers information about the Sun Confidant, Toranosuke Yoshida, events and benefits featured in Persona 5 On May 6th, Sojiro Sakura allows the protagonist to leave Yongen-Jaya at night. The protagonist will receive a text message from Yoshida warning him of this a week prior to the cutoff. Japanese Voice [4] He finished in fifth place at the 1996 Summer Games[5] and ninth at the 2000 Summer Games. Kaoru Yoshida(吉田薫(カオル・ヨシダ),kaoru yoshida) is an Otherworlder who had a renowned cafe that sells various otherworld pastries in the Kingdom of Ingracia. He accepted the premise of having to fight high level opponents, wanting to avoid implications that he was transitioning to MMA for not being competitive enough for judo anymore. Mr. Yoshida ", "What would you do at a time like this, -kun? 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