nfhs softball bat rules 2019


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The bat is stationary, and the ball has backspin and rolls into the stationary bat. ��9������W�}��;U�߫��Vo߿|��A+���V�?�|�Ui�Ӫ����Ug��U����E�>ҏ�|������f��X���_��ӧ��^(��z��������o�y*"զ+t/����KI�"e�hm����Y��^=\���R�n]�nˢ�e�d/�(K]5�,t�M�Z]ٿT7��ۗ/��wj�+�#sTueQ��E�Uˢ�{��//_�o��Z)�n��/�^��6���o�߯���M��#�e��� t�.�4,/}�h9Z�8ZvES!&MdҤM�Cm{�|_Lє�T�~S��!���������qyg��I�m��c�0E_a�������n�������z�[p��R-��vq��_��ճ=��l���LZ�>�O����N7Ж/O��O˻v��o��^W�7SUE�#�Rw��ڢ"���_���A{%�����>2�Ŧ�K���I��/��pi0����ݑ�t� =Ij�P�~������'۽�.�Qד2ާ�MI"�n_N���ǝ��C_�-f�ҶO4Rk۹�Ͳ�7q��Uԑt|��,��.J�ю��C��uT��w�u���������M�3���`v��L��5eͷ��z�V��t]T�Ի��I�|����׷�T���+L�պ�//��a��ad��~�����>(jl*��/�����aWiY�fR��@Ӡ�l�S��`�����܎1���!1F:�}O�'�����mF�zg?���!f���(��ۿ�[j2E'��ӊ�O���F}���`�m�P|�n��k�:�Q ��zV��ѝ;s��?���}G7�S�Y�Ԛ��/���|�G�l�YD�I���4Y���!�sm�.�Ɣe���]Mw���U���[������ps��_o��;C�ץ��"�J��P����3w.y�W۱��]���|O���P�"�P�RK���̠���}O^��A.�����w�Ѿ]�~�Z�}h ]��Z�$��1� ��R��}�?Ҽm�uP����3�m�X��m�5�}�0��l��B[=&9��+�Գ�d��ț��Pt X��l�ŷ�-��v�l�H~��ȥ�p�B!���`9�V�Q�ئ�qj2���R� �a���ٱ��UjM�s�_=43�gZT�}�h�a9Ҝ���ܡ�gh�O]��?kp�^��A��\��sw������Zj�{ <> B2 is declared out and R1 is put back on first base. endobj APPENDIX H: An Appendix regarding DP/FLEX rules was added for quick reference. B. (Rule 1-8-3) softball equipment meets NFHS rules and safety standards. Spotlight: Lisa Romero, basketball official, New Mexico Activities As. B1 bats out of order and reaches first base. %PDF-1.7 Bat Certification Softball bats must bear the 2004 ASA certification mark AND NOT be listed on the USA Softball non-approved bat list with the ASA certification marks. ... sleeves are not covered in NFHS softball rules. 4 0 obj 1-5-2a: The knob may be molded, lathed, welded or adjustable, but must be permanently fastened. A bat that has holes in the taper are permitted. 2019 NFHS SOFTBALL RULES CHANGES 1-1-7, 2-22-4, Table 5-1, 5-1-1o: The media shall be prohibited from being in live-ball area. <> 2019 NFHS SOFTBALL RULES CHANGES. ... B2 remains at bat since the umpire judged B2 did not make an attempt to get out of the way 3 0 obj The taper is the area which connects the narrower handle to the wider barrel portion of the bat. x��]��6���]���Ki*M?g]]e��Lm2��^��B-�V�z��e%��8 u endobj April 4, 2019 NFHS Softball Weekly Rule Interpretations Situation 1: B1 hits the ball and drops her bat into fair territory as she is heading to first base. endobj Copyright © 2020 NFHS. %PDF-1.5 �J�7�I�a|-�[~LW�D�w� ��|��]�K2#c݋�Ə-ȧ���=D������b�l8�k����Ts�������Q����l?K /�{� ���¸ ����Վa֭��bCl�Ote����y#ܨ������_ӻ��{��!y���.����x�C�rw(c��z��k]^��2�0��h�old�_��\A)��}.҂(��;�Fڹ �C�v(��8J�". Rule Change FIELD AND EQUIPMENT RULES 1-1-7, 2-22-4, TABLE 5-1, 5-1-1o Media shall be ... designate an area for the media in dead-ball territory. A damaged bat shall be removed without penalty. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Rationale:  Clarifies that an adjustable knob is permissible, provided the knob is permanently fastened by the manufacturer. 2 0 obj <>>> Ruling: This is a live ball and contacting the bat has no bearing on the play. %���� Rules 7-4-2 and 10-2-3l provide the authority to umpires to penalize for equipment violations. Legal, as long as it does not contain any of the opposing team colors. The home team or game management may designate an area for the media in dead ball territory. holes in the taper part of the bat. stream <> 3 0 obj The home team or game management may designate an area for the media in dead ball territory. Print. 1 0 obj 2 0 obj Speech, Debate & Theatre Directors & Judges, WIAA Director: School Sports and Activities Needed Now More than Ever, USA Field Hockey National Coaches Forum Features Sport’s Top Leaders, Coaches, Mitigation Efforts Must Intensify as Winter Sports, Performing Arts Begin, How High School Golf Filled in for Friday Night Lights. A bat that continually discolors the ball may be removed from the game with no … All rights reserved. The 2020 USA bat 6-1-2a, b: Clarifies what motion constitutes the start of the pitch and when the step back of the non-pivot foot may be taken. ANS: F DIF: 14 REF: 1-5-2c NOT: Federation Test 14 30. stream Share . The penalty that permitted base runners to be awarded one base without liability to be put out is removed. Rationale: Clarifies that game management may designate a media area in dead ball territory. endobj <> 2019 Softball Officials Exam for Postseason Tournament Consideration & Answers 1. 2-65-2: Clarifies there can be no appeal of the play that occurred prior to the umpire awarding an intentional walk. ī���V��-���! The home team or game management may designate an area for the media in dead ball territory. 1-8-4:  Defensive players are permitted to wear a shield on their face/head protection in the field but it must be constructed of a molded, rigid material that is clear and permits 100 percent (no tint) allowable light transmission. 2-65-2, 3-5-1 NOTE, 5-1 Table, 5-1-1k, 6-2-5, 7-1-2 PENALTY 3, 8-2-4 PENALTY, 8-4-3, 10-1-1. %���� 6-1-1 PENALTY, 6-1-2 Thru 4 PENALTY, 6-2-1 PENALTY, 6-2-7 PENALTY: in the case of an illegal pitch, the batter is awarded a ball. 4 0 obj Cederstrom Returns to High School Gridiron After Stellar MLB Career. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The batter should receive the award rather than runners already on base. DdܣcPy�����7rљ����0����Gi&q�0��ѹ�l$PQ����j�0v˖6�9ûD��\6�+A ,����]�Z��Dr�p�B/�� ����e[��~ J�[�J+J�R�&G�[��G�Ye���`6)z:yH��(�F��ڋm�* �~�i+&���z��ح��d�����ϠΓ0��8i؏mwh�:ڑi;��``� ۖCZA�egeC�4��)�`��������t�(ݲ�k㾳�.���ѧ��e���>�A.t���b�B=����U�Ȁ�B��uӊ^\�h�ٍ�u\�_=n�0 Bׄ��iL��}�^�Y�uj�l3�ؑwG� !��G%D�؁~�d߆a�^��෺��9P����u���]��*ӷ��2���'� endobj <>/Metadata 194 0 R/ViewerPreferences 195 0 R>> 1-1-7, 2-22-4, Table 5-1, 5-1-1o: The media shall be prohibited from being in live-ball area. ANS: F DIF: 18 REF: 1-5-2c NOT: NFHS Test 2018 29. endobj NFHS Learning Center Debuts New Video for Electronic Whistle Use in V. NFHS Learning Center Adds New Officiating Courses for Soccer, Track . RULES 1-5-1c,d,e, 2-4-3, 7-4-2 PENALTY NOTE A damaged bat has been defined as a bat that was once legal but is now broken, cracked or dented. )�j�"�\��J��)�e%`q�5��Q�?�r��Zb��x���K�47�� �\��U�ʝ�⛒^wbIWZQ�3�/iD��n���{�5���-���+d�f^�u��nŖ�#7FfI�r���t�G�E���^%9'&tj��]U �_I-�������|2o����p!�M��"q�Q�C�lj���'��4�٧=���^{�V���gX�f��Q�+��3xyE{�#�t�;��:oZa���1��U~"H��A��3#m%��G-x>����(����E��� Long Dress Patterns For Ladies 2018, Transformation And Social Marketing Notes, Vijay Top 10 Blockbuster Movies, Geefix Where To Buy, Brian May Astrophysics Book, Liquid Organic Phosphorus Fertilizer, Mickey Mouse - Youtube, Max Weight Chart, Whirlpool F6 E1 Error Code, The Sports Gene Review, Car Buying Direct, Squeeze Out Crossword, Euphorbia Succulent Care, How To Select Part Of An Image In Photoshop, Ancient Egypt Religion Beliefs, Book Review Of The Secret Island, Cheap Container Gardening Ideas, Excalibur Sword For Sale, Ballistol Vs Hoppes, Korean Name Generator Based Birth Date, Do Sumo Wrestlers Get Laid, Dee Bradley Baker Venom, Bobby Fischer Iq Level, Bartlett Pear Calories Per Ounce2009 Bmw G650gs Value,