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If you’re writing a blog post for your travel agency website—there’s our keyword again!—and it’s title is “Top 5 Things NOT to Forget When Traveling with Toddlers”, don’t forget to link to that blog post showcasing your FAM trip to a resort that’s great for families with toddlers! 5. If planning the trip and making the reservations seem like a lot of work just to get some rest and relaxation, you've come to the right place! But it is such an important piece to building a website (and something we’re so often asked about) that I wanted to do a basic overview. What’s a keyword? If our sections aren’t about the keyword, you won’t see the keyword in that section’s header. All we had to do was show up... Our trip was amazing, and that started by selecting the best travel company! Just an FYI, you technically don’t own the domain, you’re renting it so don’t let it lapse or someone could take your domain! but with that comes more complexity. I would say the learning curve is pretty low when it comes to editing your website. Along with that, the algorithms that search engines use to understand pages are constantly evolving. . You may also want to consider buying the .org or the plural of your domain. Online presence/legitimize your travel agency I don’t know about you but one of the first things I do when I learn about a new business is to “Google” them. Due to the fact that we are holding American Air nonstop seats from Philadelphia, your quick response of interest would be appreciated. Travelers can confirm a travel agency's accreditation by looking for the accrediting body's logo on a travel agency's website or brochure. allows you to travel with confidence. Read our article on choosing a travel agency name for tips and promo codes! The SEO edits we mention above are doable with most website builders. Dreaming of a romantic getaway to Hawaii or an exciting vacation in Las Vegas? SEO: You’ll want to check your developers credentials to see if they have experience designing websites with SEO in mind or if they work with an SEO expert to make sure your site is in tip-top shape. Those are our header tags! Remember that our keyword is “travel agency websites”. WP Engine (save 20% on monthly plans | 4 months free on annual plans using this link), $100 Travel Agency Marketing Plan [+ Video],, All rights reserved. Examples: Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly (now merging with SquareSpace), GoDaddy. We took a look at our host agency database and about 65% of hosts offer some sort of website program to their agents. Your domain should not be confused with your website. There is still a stigma around website builders and bad SEO that arose from their early days but rest assured, you are able to have a successful, ranking travel agency website on a website builder platform. Expect to pay for their time when you have update or change requests. We polled our 7-Day Set Up Facebook Support Group—which is agents that are just starting their agency—about what type of travel agency websites they went with for their travel agency. Dreaming of a romantic getaway to Hawaii or an exciting vacation in Las Vegas? Others have more design options with drag n' drop features similar to the website builders we'll go over next. The treasures of Southern Africa glisten during your customizable tour of South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana. Should include the topic of your page using some of your keywords. Get 782 travel agency website templates on ThemeForest. SEO: This is an area where website builders have really advanced over the last few years. Content: For travel agency websites build with CMSs, you will need to write your own content, create your own pages and structure it accordingly. First things first. There is a lot more flexibility with CMS . Call Sandra Wells  856-227-9200 if you are really interested in the Iceland trip below asap. But like domain pricing, it often goes up to about $15-20/month after the first year. Maybe it was the color, the font, the style. And since there are a myriad of things that contribute to the SEO of your site, it is pretty ambiguous and can mean different things for different sites. If you use a CMS like WordPress, you will need to find a hosting company to store your CMS. Once you have your template, you are able to really customize it to your look (coding often times required) and add plug-in (costs vary, many free) to give your site additional functionality. You’ll likely have more than one reason so as you go through the list, I recommend ranking them in order of importance to help you decide on your best travel agency website option later on. Costs: Programs are free but you’ll need to pay for hosting your CMS ~$10/month. WriteTransform("\u003cn uers=\"znvygb:nzrevpnagbhevfggeniry@pbzpnfg.arg\"\u003e\u003cfgebat\u003e\u003csbag fvmr=\"3\"\u003enzrevpnagbhevfggeniry@pbzpnfg.arg\u003c/sbag\u003e\u003c/fgebat\u003e\u003c/n\u003e"). The Best Travel Agency Website Template Design. The vast majority of those that said they built their own using a website builder like Wix or SquareSpace. As you browse, keep a look out for these things and you’ll see that really high ranking sites not only have in-depth, helpful content, but they follow SEO best practices and make sense. Your answer to this question will be one of the biggest factors in finding the right website for you. Your first question is likely, “What kind of website should I get for my travel agency"? Sell Products If you have booking engines on your site, you’re allowing clients to book their own travel on their own 24/7 without having to contact you. Now scroll up a little bit. Buy travel agency website templates from $3. that your clients will be able to search through and read. There is a much steeper learning curve than the other travel agency website options we mentioned and to get the best results, you often need to know how to code a bit or hire a developer. Design: With the three CMS’s we mentioned above, you have access to loads of templates. If planning the trip and making the reservations seem like a lot of work just to get some rest and relaxation, you've come to the right place! GoDaddy, Google Domains,, Bluehost. You want both your visitors and search engine bots to easily find content on your site. Do you see the h2 above this one and how it also contained our keyword, “travel agency websites”? Costs: Costs vary widely but this is by far the most expensive option. Remember, simply having a CMS like WordPress doesn’t make your site rank high in the search engines, it is the work you put in to cultivating your SEO on the site. Other potential costs could be premium plug-ins and hiring a developer. I recognize my bias here and that this is a clear sign I am a Millennial but according to a Forbes article nearly half of U.S adults said they Googled someone before doing business and 56% found something that solidified their decision to do business with the person. On this custom tour, you’ll explore the country's most famous capitals: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara. When you use a website builder like Wix, Weebly or SquareSpace they host your website for you. Introduce Yourself and Build Your Brand Let’s face it, you’re not trying to be another online travel agency (OTA) like If you've found the site helpful, using the links (plus, we've got some exclusive promo codes for you) is a great way to thank us without costing you a thing! We research the keywords for our blog topics for every article before coming up with the title of the blog AND the URL. 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