wharton mba business economics and public policy


Wharton Executive MBA Program (WEMBA), Business Economics and Public Policy Department, Business Economics and Public Policy Program, Business Economics and Public Policy Major, Prospective Students to Phd Program in Applied Economics, BEPP 704: Financing and Managing Government, BEPP 710: Firms, Markets, and Public Policy, BEPP 761: Risk Analysis and Environmental Management, BEPP 770: Introduction to Business Economics and Public Policy, BEPP 772: Urban Public Policy and Private Economic Development, BEPP 823: Business Insurance and Estate Planning, BEPP 712 Managing Interfirm Strategic Alliances (mini) (MGMT 712), BEPP 770 Introduction to Business Economics and Public Policy, BEPP 788 International Industrial Development Strategies, BEPP 790 Technology in Global Markets (mini), BEPP 798 Privatization: An International Perspective, BEPP 710 Firms, Markets, and Public Policy, BEPP 732 Telecoms & Internet Strategy and Policy (mini) (MGMT 732), BEPP 761 Risk Analysis: Environmental Management (OPIM 761), BEPP 772 Urban Public Policy and Private Economic Development (REAL 772), BEPP 773 Urban Fiscal Policy (FNCE 730, REAL 730), BEPP 784 Managerial Economics and Game Theory (mini) (MGMT 784). Students who complete a major with a CIP code on the STEM Designated Degree Program list, denoted*, may be eligible to obtain a STEM OPT extension. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 300 Vance Hall 3733 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-6301 EMBA programs are ideal for professionals with 8+ years of work experience, plus some managerial experience on their resume. The marketing major is designed to build deep competency in the art and science of choosing which customers to serve, and getting, keeping and growing them through delivering superior customer value. As a consequence, students can mold a curriculum that spans issues of managing the internal processes of firms and considerations of strategic advantage — for both young and growing, as well as established organizations. Unlike other MBA  programs, Wharton offers students the option to declare a major. Most EMBA students simultaneously work full-time and, in turn, classes are typically held on Fridays or weekends to accommodate their busy schedules. Wharton has one of the largest sets of marketing courses and faculty. Our courses specialize in market structure and competition, insurance and risk management, behavioral economics, energy, public finance, business & international politics, and business and development. The Entrepreneurial Management major provides MBA students with skills, analytical tools, perspectives, and experiences that prepare them for careers as autonomous entrepreneurs, family-business entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs in corporate settings. Other common dual majors are with Real Estate, Management, Marketing, and Health Care. Online MBA programs can take two years or more depending on classes taken each semester. The core required courses are a great choice. In addition to a fruitful academic experience, some MBA programs offer additional services to help you kickstart your career after graduation, including networking events, social or professional organizations, or career counseling. & WM. Pass/Fail elective courses cannot be counted toward the major. Our flexible curriculum is broken up into three categories: courses that fulfill the core … An advanced study project (BEPP 893) may be taken as one of the four credit units. Courses offered by the Statistics Department develop the skills and insights required to make effective use of statistical methods. This option is available to students with specific, well-defined,  interdisciplinary interests. Part-time MBA program tend to take two to five years. If the Admissions Committee feels you are not best suited for HCM but could be a good fit for the MBA program more broadly, you will be considered for Wharton. Applicants should apply within the cycle directly preceding the year they would like to begin at Wharton. Six of our majors are designated as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors, which help students excel in high-demand roles that require both business and technical acumen. Executive MBA (or EMBA) programs also span a one- to two-year duration and are tailored for seasoned professionals with extensive experience in management roles. The Finance major provides students with the analytic and theoretical tools required to master practical issues in Finance, with applications to financial management in business firms, financial institutions, government, and not-for-profit entities. Lock Step: This program structure emulates full-time MBA programs by allowing you to take classes with a cohort. Individualized majors require forethought and planning to complete. Wharton offers established dual MBA programs with Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and Harvard Kennedy School. Majors include: Another benefit of our majors is for international students. 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Self-Paced: As demonstrated by its name, self-paced programs offer the ability to take classes at your leisure. Students have 19 majors to choose from in the full-time Wharton MBA program. 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